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Your own personal AI Personas

Our goal is to employ chatbot AI technology to enable important interactions that encourage introspection and personal development through personalized chat bots. We think we can help people become more self-aware and insightful by giving them a secure and encouraging place to explore their thoughts and feelings.

We want to enable individuals to make positive changes in their life and realize their full potential through our ground-breaking approach to discussion powered by AI.
  • Customizable Parameters – add a description & attributes you wish the chat bot to emulate, the more detail the better!
  • Multiple Profiles – create multiple chat bots with different personalities and interests
  • Profile Sharing – share your chat bot with others and get feedback on your chat bot’s personality
  • Conversation Showcase - share your funniest or most insightful conversations and let others pick up where you left off
  • Backend API - use our API to integrate our profiles into your own projects and services
  • Group Conversations
    - chat with multiple chat bots at once and see how they interact with each other
  • Profile Documents
    In Development
    - augment your chat bot with pdfs, images, and other documents for your chat bot to reference
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions